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Mobile Broadband Internet Solutions:

3GSM/CDMA Wireless data card modem



Item description





PCMCIA CDMA 800 Mhz Data Card

Support RUIM 800 MHz
Size: 88.4 mm (D)x54 mm (W)x5 mm (H)
Max. transmit power: 250 mW
Receive sensitivity: ≥ -104dBm

Compatibel for Windows 2000/XP/Mac



CDMA USB modem 800Mhz for XP/Vista

* RUIM Card 800 Mhz.

* Support  2000/XP/Vista

* Sylish and compact design

* Voice and SMS

* stabil dan tidak panas

* Compatible to 800 mhz cdma network


3G/UMTS/HSDPA Wireless Modem/ Wireless Data Card

KeyLink II KeyLink II 181T GPRS USB modem

* GPRS Modem Class10 at  85.6 Kbps

* SMS (Short Message Service), Support

* Phone Book Editing

* LED status Indicator

* Stable Network data connection transfer

* Windows Vista/XP/2000

* Support SMS server, wity standard AT Command, compatible to itegno modem user.


Routers and Fixed Mobile Phone
GSM Fix Phone Terminal SAGEM RL300 Fixed Wireless Terminal Vodafone

Support SIM card from Local/Worldwide GSM Operator. just plug the table phone and ready to use. anywhere.anytime

bisa dihubungkan dengan PABX


3G Antenna and Accessories

Converter PCI/PCCard


High Quality PC/PCMCIA  Converter

Data Card interface PCMCIA bisa dipasang di PC dengan PCI to PCMCIA converter dengan Slot PCI. compatible to 16/32 bit anekan macam datacard modem
PC Card /Expres converter Option/Novatel Express card converter to fit the PCMCIA slot Option/Novatel Express card converter to fit the PCMCIA slot

Express card usually have high performance in data transmission. The PCMCIA slot laptop can enjoy the the Express speed and performance.

USB/Express Deluxe converter DLX01 konvert express utk pakai di port usb

Socket khusus express card

kompatible dengan mancam2 express card, Option, Huawei, Merlin, Vodafone, Cingular

tanpa software tambahan, plugnpaly

Solusi alternatif Express card utk pc

3G Blade Antenna

Blade Antenna 2 dbi,

available for Option, Aircard, Merlin, Huawei modem data card

Blade mini antenna for enhance 3G signal, stable internet connection and data transmission.

Antenna 3G Yagi

Outdoor Yagi 14 dB atenna, for connection to high gain antenna

High Gain 3GSM antenna 14 dbi Yagi. Compact size with 10m piftail to intall at the rooff bor perfect reception of 3g signal. Available for Option GT/Novatel Merlin, Aircard series/Huawei E Series/ Vodafone 3g Router

* Antenna komersial Pertama buatan Indonesia teknologi pesawat terbang!

Atenna Tabletop 3G Antenna 3GSM 6dB for 3G Modem Support huawei/Option/Sierra

3G Pigtail

Pigtail 3G, for connection to high gain antenna

Available for Option GT/Novatel Merlin, Aircard series/Huawei 3GSM Data Card modem, utk anekan macam datacard modem 3G di bundle dgn atenna diatas

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